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Brian Sutton is an expert lead generator for healthcare agencies. He has worked as an independent consultant for eight years, helping healthcare companies connect with those who need their services the most.

Brian Sutton: Getting Started

Brian Sutton grew up in Los Angeles, California. He studied at WCUI School of Medical Imaging from 2011 to 2013, earning a Bachelor's degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. As part of his studies, Sutton learned the ins and outs of helping patients understand their medical records, answering patient questions regarding procedures and treatments, and reviewing images/tests in order to summarize the results for use by medical professionals.

Growing a Successful Diagnostic Imaging Business

Brian Sutton went on to focus on radiology. He started a successful diagnostic imaging business and subsequently went on to work for a company dedicated to equipping medical professionals with clinical testing equipment. Some equipment Sutton put in the hands of clinicians includes:

● PCR technology that can test for up to seventeen viruses and three types of bacteria.

● Drug testing using cutting-edge LC-MS/MS technology to help medical professionals see which prescription and non-prescription medications a patient is taking.

Sutton has also paid close attention to the ongoing opioid crises in the United States, writing on topics related to:

● Heroin addiction and abuse.

● Prescription drug abuse. Sutton hailed the passage of legislation designed to monitor the use of prescription drugs. However, he noted that at the time this legislation passed, states were still not sharing information or cooperating with other states.

● Using urine tests to ensure patients with an opioid prescription are taking medications in accordance with a doctor's instructions. The test is designed to make sure patients are not skipping doses, taking too many pills at once, or mixing prescription medicine with illicit substances.

● The efficacy of prescription drug monitoring programs. Brian Sutton pointed out that these programs have led to a 30% drop in opioid prescriptions.

Brian Sutton went on to partner with another firm offering comprehensive urogenital and toxicology health testing, personalized STAT services, and top-tier medical supplies. Sutton became a regional sales manager for the agency, helping to promote its in-demand products and services to individuals and medical professionals alike.

Sutton's expertise in the medical equipment field is likely to be needed even more in the coming years. Recent statistics show that the clinical lab industry will be worth almost $290 billion by 2028. The rise in diabetes and cardiovascular disease will boost demand for top-tier testing services as medical professionals will need a range of tools in order to provide preventative and curative care to patients of all ages and walks of life. Medical professionals are also likely to need good tests for those suffering from drug addiction because the COVID-19 pandemic, has, unfortunately, led to an increase in illicit drug use.

Partnering with the Health Insurance Industry

Sutton's personal experience in the healthcare industry and his expert knowledge of effective testing equipment have enabled him to effectively partner with insurance carriers and help them understand gaps in coverage. He currently works as an independent consultant and has helped hundreds of clients connect with those who need their services the most.

Brian Sutton's primary focus is on the senior health insurance space, and it's not hard to see why. Many seniors battle with health problems that young or middle-aged adults do not have to worry about. Medicare offers great coverage, but some people need more, and/or they need alternative policies to help them weather a health condition or prepare for their passing.

Sutton not only advises insurance agencies but also offers lead generation services so ordinary individuals can easily find the insurers who can provide the coverage they need at a price they can afford. Such services typically include:

● Creating a winning brand design and ensuring a website has appealing landing pages and a clear call to action

● Personalized email marketing. There are currently 4.3 billion email users worldwide, and the number is set to grow to 4.6 by the year 2025. At the same time, there are literally millions of businesses competing for client attention via promotional emails. It takes a knowledgeable expert such as Brian Sutton to identify potential target audiences and craft emails tailored to address an individual's needs and concerns.

● Strategic advertising, especially on online platforms. Nearly 70% of consumers use the internet to research options before finalizing an insurance deal.

Brian Sutton: Personal Life

Brian Sutton spends a lot of time working but does take time off as he is able. His top personal interests are furthering his knowledge in new innovative technology in the healthcare industry.

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